Writing a letter to a friend who has hurt you

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How to Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Betrayed You

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Write Letters to Heal Pain, Release Anger, Let Go, and Start Living

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In an article for Psychology Today on the best ways to deal with people who hurt you, psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D said, "Confronting someone who has hurt you can be a difficult and. Writing an apology letter for hurting someone you love and wanting forgiveness and to make things right again is only natural.

When friends and family are involved, a meaningful and sincere apology is. It had come time for me to sit down and write an open letter to all who have hurt me. This is the letter anyone who has been hurt, needs to write to free themselves, not only from the anger and the pain, but from the toxic person who still lives in their head, rent free.

this should have been the letter to write “the friend i no longer have.” this just made my day (very few writers make me smile): “I just think that you need to be handled with love and care like I do.

My Apology Letter to a Very Special Friend

I don't think you can imagine how much it hurt me, but I don't want to continue feeling this way. Please help me understand what happened so we can put it behind us and move forward. I need closure. I need to know where you stand and if this will affect us in the future. I have not changed my mind about our relationship, but I am in desperate need of clarification.

I'm anxiously awaiting your reply.

Writing a letter to a friend who has hurt you
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Write Letters to Heal Pain, Release Anger, Let Go, and Start Living