Write a fan letter to one direction

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There's one question that commenters keep asking on our How to Meet and Greet One Direction article: how do I write to One Direction? Well we're sure you know how to put pen to paper, but maybe some of the finer details of contacting the boys have alluded you.

One Direction is the first mega-band of the social media age, and this has a direct knock-on effect for me: the boys have very little incentive to promote their wares through old institutional. It’s also from One Direction’s best album, “FOUR.” Nobody, 1D fan or not, knows exactly what this song’s lyrics mean.

Yet, it’s an instant mood lifter, which is the reason it cracks my top five. It’s a love letter from the artists to fans after they announced that they were going on hiatus.

Niall Horan

It. Back ina then year old fan named Laurence wrote a page letter to one of her music idols, Iggy Pop. Nine months later, Laurence received the uplifting letter below including details that demonstrated he had read the entire letter she had sent. One Direction fanmail address.

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Just 5 days to order. You’re a fan if you know these. One Direction trivia; Where are One Direction from? What do One Direction call their fans? One Direction fan fiction.

Write a fan letter to one direction
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