Pyloric stenosis

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Pyloric stenosis (also called infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis) is a type of gastric outlet obstruction, which means a blockage from the stomach to the intestines.

Pyloric stenosis affects about 3 out of 1, babies in the United States. The most important of these sequels is stenosis of the orifices of the stomach, particularly of the pyloric orifice.

Atresia and stenosis, absence, usually congenital, of a normal bodily passage or cavity (atresia) or narrowing of a normal passage (stenosis).Most such malformations must be surgically corrected soon after birth. Almost any cavity or passage may be affected; some.

Pyloric stenosis: Fluid therapy

My newborn is vomiting forcefully after feeding. What's going on? All babies spit up – in that bubbly, wet-burp way. But forceful (or projectile) vomiting in a newborn is the hallmark symptom of pyloric stenosis.

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Pyloric stenosis
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